Law/Gospel Leadership…Part 2


Pastor: I was trained as a pastor. I am to preach Law and Gospel, warning of sin and its consequences and the comfort that sins are forgiven.
Coach: Sounds wonderful!

Pastor: I was also taught that the Gospel should predominate. So I am always looking for ways to comfort people with the love of God.
Coach: Sounds even more wonderful!

Pastor: I think it comes across as me giving the impression that I’m a nice guy and that everything is good and right with the church.
Coach: I’m getting the impression that it’s not all right with the church. What do you mean?

Pastor: I see how we need to change and we need to grow in our outreach and our intentionally living our lives for the sake of the Gospel. We need to let our light shine! But people are too content with the status quo or maybe the word is satisfied with where they are, what they do and how the church is.
Coach: So what is needed?

Pastor: Somehow I need to light a fire under people. I certainly need to model the way, but it’s hard. I want people to be passionate about bringing people closer to Jesus but all I see are people who are content and self-satisfied with the way it is.
Coach: So I am hearing two things, the first is that you come across as a nice guy who gives the impression that all is right with the church and the second is that internally you have a deep concern for things to change and for people to be different.

Pastor: Yes! I am a walking contradiction! I don’t want to upset people. I’ve got enough of that in the first place! I got into this to comfort people with the Gospel!
Coach: Sure. And what else are you seeing that you need to do?

Pastor: I need to in essence preach the “law” from the pulpit, the board room and the parking lot how the status quo is unacceptable! That things, while going well on the one hand, are definitely not fine!
Coach: That sounds like you are going to mess with their homeostasis. You are going to upset their apple cart – that everything is fine and dandy with the church. How do you feel about that?

Pastor: I have to do it wisely. I need to figure out how, where and when I will literally intervene and put a sense of discomfort with the status quo in my interactions with people.
Coach: Yes. How do you think people’s perceptions of you will change because of that?

Pastor: They will see what I am passionate about, they will see the fire in my belly about what is important. And I need to be careful that it is also what God is passionate about and what He says is important – like loving the world and desiring all people to come to the knowledge of the truth.
Coach: Congratulations! That sounds awesome. Now how exactly are you going to do that?

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Law/Gospel Leadership…Part 2

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