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  • July 3, 2021 at 8:20 am

    Hello Scott,

    Congratulations, you are truly an icon and your outstanding podcast deserves an award. Since the inception of The Coaching Leader Podcast ​it has served as a tool of inspiration and knowledge for all of us interested in listening to the episodes

    After weeks of listening, my favorite episode has been Leader & Team Development With Dr Jonathan Grenz ​and I want to connect you to a person who shares the same passion as you do

    Let me introduce you to Laurie Sudbrink, who is an author, speaker and coach with over 30 years of experience in the field of leadership coaching and training. Laurie is the author of Leading With GRIT, a best-seller on Amazon.


    Has successfully trained and coached over 10,000+ managers

    Author of Leading with GRIT and the GRIT Productivity Planner

    Developed GRIT Training Programs

    Founder of Unlimited Coaching Solutions Inc. (1999)

    Clients worldwide, from small and large manufacturing, to Fortune 500’s, the US Navy, and many more!

    Certified DiSC, Four Agreements and New York State Trainer

    Authorized partner of Patrick Lencioni’s Five Cohesive Behaviors of a Team

    NHRA, ATD, and former SHRM Member

    Former board member of the Western NY Entrepreneurs Organization

    Laurie is packed with great stories and a vast experience from her 30 years as a coach which would be of great benefit to your audience.

    Please find the link below to Laurie’s bio press kit for consideration as a guest on your show in the future.

    Laurie’s bio kit


    Becoming an effective leader

    What it takes to be more focused, balanced, and accomplished every day

    How to advance in your career while staying true to yourself

    The simple way to create and sustain a highly engaged team

    The key to inspiring more people to step up and be accountable

    What is today’s most valued leadership attribute?

    Thank you for your consideration, and kindly let me know if you’d like to connect with Laurie for a potential interview.



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