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Is your circuit, district or group looking for a talk that is practical and helpful? We have led talks on leadership, developing leaders for ministry, outreach and revitalization, living in balance, and our specialty: coaching and taking a coach approach to leadership. Ask us about any of these topics or perhaps you are interested in hearing more of what you read about in one of our blog posts.


• Leadership defined
• Unlearning leadership myths
• The appropriate use of power
• Leading yourself

What is leadership? The word is familiar but the concept has a variety of definitions and assumptions that undermine effectiveness. Do you believe the myths about leadership? Do you know what is responsible for 30-50% of leadership effectiveness? Do yo

Leading Change and Developing Leaders for Ministry

• What is the change process?
• Why do people resist change? What do they need?
• What strategies are necessary for  real change?
• Multiplying & developing volunteer leaders
• Empowering volunteers
• Supporting volunteers that thrive

Outreach and Revitalization

• revitalization basics
• people and approaches
• Unlearning false assumptions
• It's not about knocking on doors
• The secret sauce of serving the community

Servant Leadership

• Who's in charge here?
• Living what is most important
• Servant Leadership & "Level 5" Leadership
• Looking into the mirror of your leadership style

The title sounds contradictory to some, but for those who understand it they have experienced a whole new dimension of joy and freedom and effectiveness in leadership. This seminar is designed for those who seek to move beyond the limiting approach of command and control in order to unleash the valuable gifts of the people around them. The participant will learn the power of servant leadership and put it into practice.

Living in Balance

• What does it mean to live in balance?
• Navigating priorities and the demands of others
• Self care and servanthood

Leadership and Teams

• Healthy teams
• Stages in team development
• Refocusing on teamwork

Is your team keeping up or is it being left behind? Do you work as a group but not as a team? This seminar provides key concepts and practical steps in order to achieving greater team alignment, cohesiveness, partnership and participation for greater effectiveness.

Coach Training

• What is Coaching?
• How does it differ from other helping methods?
• Input skills - 3 levels of listening
• Output skills - powerful questions
• Forwarding the action - putting it into practice
• Conversation models for coaching
• A coach approach to leadership

Coaching is different from being a teacher, mentor, consultant or counselor. It is a powerful way for someone to leapfrog from where they are to where they want to be. In this seminar we train your people to take a coach approach to working with others no matter who they are.

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