Leadership Services

"A leader is someone who takes you to a place you wouldn't go by yourself." - Joel Barker

Leadership Services involves three ways we partner with individuals and teams to reach their God given potential.

By His grace, only God can bring success when the seed of the gospel is sown or when any activity is undertaken. Yet while that is true, God expects us to “plant” and “water” to the best of our God given abilities.

We believe that God desires that we learn and use the best planting and watering information and strategies for our churches, schools, organizations and our very lives. This desire to be good stewards of His gifts and servants of Christ in our lives and vocations is a natural response to His grace that has been received in Jesus Christ.

Leadership services sometimes looks like training individuals or groups, sometimes it looks like consulting with congregations, customizing what would be best for them to take their next step. Often it looks like coaching: helping individuals and groups come to new awarenesses and new discoveries so they can make more informed and intentional choices about what they believe is best for them.

Serving people in this way is rare. It does not come with pat answers or one-size-fits-all prescriptions but with an ear and a heart to listen and learn where people currently reside. Then through powerful questions and being a thinking partner, serving organizations and individuals to grow and designing accountability that works for them.

Contact us to explore how we may be of service to you and your preferred future.


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