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Coach & Leadership Training

Scott can bring transformative leadership training to you and your organization.


In a consulting role, Scott can bring his expertise and years of experience to the challenges that you and your congregation are facing. Scott can guide your leadership in developing deeper mission engagement, bringing your vision into sharper focus, and clarifying your unique congregational values.

Individual & Group Coaching

Coaching is a powerful tool to help you or your team grow into the leader(s) God has gifted you to be. Coaching includes self-analysis and reflective dialogue with Scott, a professionally certified leadership coach.

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The Podcast

Join Scott as he sits in conversation with effective leaders. Subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Available in both audio and YouTube video.


The Blog

Subscribe to Scott's monthly leadership blog to be encouraged in your leadership, build your leadership skills, and learn about upcoming events.

Journal Articles

Strategic Planning Doesn’t Work Here! How to Be Productive When the Future Is Unclear.

In this in-depth article for "Lutheran Mission Matters," Scott explores and provides solutions for church leadership in uncertain times. [READ MORE]

What Makes Christian Coaching Christian?

In this article for "The Christian Coaching Mag," Scott walk readers through a consideration of what makes Christian coaching a uniquely Christian process. [READ MORE]

What is leadership coaching?

Coaching is one-on-one confidential dialogue that powerfully supports your Leadership growth.

Scott’s leadership coaching is all about helping you get where you want to go as a leader or as a leadership team. Scott can help you grow personally as a leader, learn how to better raise up and coach leaders around you, and lead cultural change in your organization with care and integrity.

Coaching can be done in person or over the phone. Scott has several pre-defined coaching packages that include a set of coaching sessions along with email support between the sessions.

Scott will help you be more effective as a leader while, at the same time, being less controlling of those who are on your team.

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Want to learn more about Christian coaching?

Scott literally wrote the book!

CHRISTIAN COACHING: How to Come Alongside Others for Ministry Results

How might your ministry results compare with your original hopes and dreams? Have you ever experienced less than positive outcomes from your sincere desires to help others?

In A Christian Coaching Guidebook, Scott breaks down the ways in which you can come alongside others. He compares more traditional helping skills with coaching and gives the reasons why coaching can be the real difference for you in your ministry. Then after describing why coaching works he shows how one can use it to bring new insights and fresh thinking that translates into concrete actions. 

What do people say about Scott?

"Working with Scott has been a great blessing to my ministry. He challenges me to think outside the box, and he has helped me to grow tremendously both as a pastor and a leader."
Rev Chris Kollman
As a coach and an organizational consultant, Scott practices what he advocates. He is a servant leader and works diligently to develop others and does so with a Christian spirit. He is uniquely gifted to help others grow in all aspect of their life, which is critically needed in today’s leaders and in those developing leadership skills for the future! He is also great person to work with! I recommend him without reservation!
Dr. Art Johnson
Professor of Leadership & Organizational Development

Download the Leadership Assessment Wheel Booklet

A FREE Tool for Leadership Self-Evaluation

As a leader, you want to grow in ministry and you want your people to grow in ministry. But, as in all of life, knowing where and how to focus your time and energy is key to success.

The Leadership Assessment wheel — a 39-page PDF book —will help you know where to focus for leadership growth in yourself and the leaders around you.

And it is Scott’s free gift to you. Enjoy and grow!

Scott is an instructor with Coach Approach Ministries and a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.